Summer Sun


Photo by: Jackson Corzato

It’s hard to believe that the school year is already coming to a close! The weather has finally warmed up, and the few glimpses of summer are not too far from our grips. However, with final projects being submitted, and exams right in front of our eyes, it may be hard to enjoy the beauty of the season, or even easier to lose momentum in the most difficult time of the semester. It is during times like these that we at The Storm love to share with you memory-filled stories from the past few months, and motivate each other as the summer sun draws nearer.

Throughout this issue of the storm, you can read all about spirit-filled events by Meghan Weise, popular movie reviews by Veronica Venditti, refreshing summer recipes by Isabella De Bartolo and more! However, as the school year comes to an end, we also take time to reflect on the year come and gone, and explore how we too have changed in the past few months.

Looking back to our first issue of the year, titled New Beginnings, we presented to you a story about the senior sunrise, where grade 12 students gathered together to watch the sunrise as a class. Fast-forward to the evening of Friday, June 8, the same group came together for the last time to watch the sun set, instead. Through this gathering, we learn so much about the comfort of consistency, and excitement of change to come. Like the sun, we all too seem to be in constant motion, as time passes us by. However, the closer we look, the more we realize that amongst the chaos, we grew to be bigger and brighter, and in reality, never really moved as far as we seemed.

So, no matter what changes these coming days and months bring, always take comfort in knowing that no matter what, the sun that shone on you yesterday is the same one that will be shining on you tomorrow. So bring a hat, and enjoy the adventure.

From all of us at The Storm, we wish you all a safe and happy summer vacation! See you in September!

Melissa Gatti

-Editor of The Storm


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Welcoming Spring


Photo by: Jackson Corzato

Is there any month more confusing than March? It starts off cold, coming back from the often frigid February, and slowly the snow changes to rain. The days soon become warmer, and right when you think you are ready to finally put away your winter coat, another snowflake falls, dropping like the temperatures outside. Every year, we expect it to be different, more consistent and convenient. As if we all haven’t heard the famous saying, “If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.”

This saying comes from people’s early beliefs in the weather’s connection to bad spirits, and the ideas of balance in both our daily lives and our world around us. While we have grown to understand more about the weather and its patterns, we also realize that this saying may not always apply. However, what does is its message; that we too may go through difficult times, only to be pleasantly surprised by the small glimpses of hope along the way.

Perhaps a saying that is better fit for spring is “April Showers bring May flowers”. Although realistically applying to the beautiful garden you will grow if cared for correctly, this saying is yet another tale of spring that relates to us even today.

With all of these famous sayings of spring, it makes us wonder, what is the fascination about this season? Spring, as we start to see, is a season of rebirth; the season of fresh starts and renewal, both in our environment, and in our own lives. As you take a look through our spring issue of The Storm, enjoy stories of just that; stories of the Easter season, sports start-ups, environmental initiatives, and more!

As we welcome spring, we too are welcoming all this beautiful season has to offer! So enjoy the surely many rainy days to come, since as we all know, they will leave us all with beautiful flowers in the end!

From all of us at The Storm, happy reading and happy spring!

Melissa Gatti

-Editor of The Storm




Beginning with Love

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Pink and red, roses and chocolates; one step into the nearest Dollar Store and it’s hard to miss…Valentine’s Day is here! And while no other holiday has people quite as divided, with reactions ranging from eye rolls to eager excitement, there is no denying its presence. In our first issue of 2018, we at The Storm are ready to share with you the love of the holiday, and stories as sweet as chocolate.

On this day, we tend to think about many things, like candies and cut out hearts. But what we often forget is how this holiday came to be. Who is St. Valentine? During his time, the Emperor Claudius had banned marriages, for he did not want young soldiers to be distracted by family while fighting at war. However, having a strong belief in love and Christianity, Valentine secretly married the couples, and tried to convert the Emperor to his beloved faith. This angered the Emperor, and he had Valentine either deny his faith, or be beaten and killed. He would never deny his faith, of course, so Valentine was martyred.

Knowing this story, there is much to be said about the power of love, and to be reflected upon within our own lives. As said in Corinthians, “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13). Just as St. Valentine did for his faith in love and love in faith, we too could learn to put others first, and love with all our hearts. No matter how you feel about the holiday, may we always remember how it came to be; that like all of the greatest things in the world, this story began with love.

From an inspiring love story by Samantha Riga, to what makes this Valentine’s Day extra special by Danielle Tucci, and of course, Super Bowl coverage by Mario Russo, this issue has an article for everyone! So sit back, and read on as we send love your way, in our many stories and pages of The Storm.

Melissa Gatti

-Editor of The Storm



Christmas Lights


Photo By: Jackson Corzato

Picture this: You are taking a walk in your neighbourhood, enjoying the first snowfall of the season. As the snowflakes settle and accumulate on the frost-kissed ground, your mug of hot cocoa keeps your hands warm against Old Man Winter’s frigid breath. The sun is setting, and as the sky quickly darkens, the path on which you walk lights up just as fast. House by house, lights shine, illuminating the properties and guiding you home; the Christmas lights are up.

Christmas lights date back to the 1800’s when Edward Hibberd Johnson (friend to none other than Thomas Edison) strung together the idea of putting little coloured bulbs connected by a wire on Christmas trees, since the candles being used instead at the time were a fire hazard. This no doubt attracted a crowd, but the idea came with a shiny price tag. To do this was very expensive all those years ago, but it soon caught on as technology advanced, and gained major popularity in the 1930’s. Fast forward to 2017, and your twinkly walk along your street, we see Christmas lights all around, being a staple of the season.

This tiny fragment of history was not only inventive and creative (not to mention a great business idea) but also critical to many of our own personal Christmas memories. Whether you have a tradition of hanging Christmas lights on the first weekend of December, or decorating your tree on the day of the Santa Claus Parade, these tiny bulbs illuminate our memories, and light up stories of our past that may have been in the shadows all year.

While the lights that light up our roofs string together some of our fondest memories, they too hold symbols and lessons to carry us into the new year. Throughout 2017, we have no doubt been reminded of tragedy and moments of darkness that beset our world. However, through these special days of Christmas, and self-reflection of the year gone, these lights provide a symbol of hope. Amidst the darkness, the lights remind us of the good that still exists, and the special people that keep it shining bright.

Throughout this issue, you can read stories written by and about those who do just that. From the annual Christmas Toy Drive by Julia Passarelli, to a story on the true meaning of Christmas by Samantha Riga, and so much more, this Christmas issue is full of shining stars within our school community. Like a single bulb on a string of lights, apart we may be small, but together we can light up the world.

Now picture this: you are on a walk, and the snowflakes are especially full, falling on your mittens and accumulating on your hat. A car passes by and you recognize the song being played. As Coldplay sings through the speakers, the lyrics fill the air, “May all your troubles soon be gone, those Christmas lights keep shining on”.

From all of us at The Storm, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Melissa Gatti

-Editor of The Storm




The Spirit of Halloween

jackson3Photo by: Jackson Corzato

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of leaves crunching, candy wrappers opening, sweaters zipping, and pumpkin-spice-everything machines running on full blast. That’s right, what you are hearing are the sounds of fall.

Autumn is finally here, and while some may be complaining about the shorter days and cold weather, this season is especially celebrated here at The Storm. In our 2017 Halloween issue, we have the pleasure of sharing with everyone the best the season has to offer, from yummy recipes by Isabella De Bartolo, Spooky Poems by Samantha Riga, some insight into your costume ideas by Veronica Venditti, and more!

Aside from the staple features associated with the season mentioned above, there is something I forgot to mention that is crucial to the identity of Halloween. Those are the costumes of course! From witches to wizards, princes to princesses, all these characters come out to play on Halloween night. However, to say Halloween consists of silly costumes and childish traditions is truly doing the day an injustice.

Halloween is a day we can be anyone we want to be, and live out our boldest versions of ourselves without a second glance. Not only that, but we get the chance to live as somebody else for a day, and possibly see the world in a different way. That is the true spirit of Halloween; the spirit of acceptance, vibrancy, individuality, and creativity. So take that with you as you go door to door, and if you will, take the spirit of Halloween with you all year long.

Finally, before you run off to finish your costume at the last minute, pick up some more candy for the trick-or-treaters, or reach for yet another chocolate from the candy box (we all do it) , take a stroll through our Halloween issue of The Storm to get you even more in the spirit of the season. Sit back, relax, drink some cider, and enjoy!

Melissa Gatti

-Editor of The Storm

New Beginnings

Welcome back! We’ve missed you here at The Storm. From growing our writing team and getting a new editor, to celebrating the very first “Thunder Pride” day and welcoming our new chaplain, a lot has happened in the past month. We are so eager to finally share these milestones with you in our first issue of the year – each milestone and article signifying fresh starts and new beginnings!

As students, teachers, or parents, we have all experienced the feeling of butterflies the night before school – We can’t sleep, our minds wander, and our hearts race. Yes, you may simply call this nerves and fear, but what we are truly feeling is excitement for the unknown and wonder about what is to come. Throughout this issue and this year, we will together celebrate these new beginnings and embrace change.

Throughout this issue, you can read all about the exciting new beginnings in our community in and out of school, from Hannah Thomas’ interview with our new Chaplain, Danielle Tucci’s discussion on life as a “Niner”, Mario Russo’s sports piece on the Maple Leafs, and more! Aside from the major milestones and events celebrated here, there was one event that truly embodied the essence of this issue.: The grade 12 Sunrise Breakfast.

On Friday September 8 , 2017, grade 12 students gathered at school at the early hour of 6:30am to watch the sun rise, kicking off their last year together. Now, there is something to be said about a group of tired students willingly rising before the sun. Why would they do it? Could it have been simply for the delicious breakfast after? Maybe. But, no doubt, as they watched the sun rise, they saw the reason they all came together. That the sun was not just there to start their day and make a great Instagram picture, but instead to remind them, and all of us, that there is always a new day, the sun will always rise, and no matter where we may roam in the future, the same sun will always shine upon us, keeping us connected. So, as the sun shines on you today, let it remind and inspire you to conquer new challenges and face new frontiers. From all of us at The Storm, we wish you a great and successful new school year!


Melissa Gatti

Editor of The Storm