By Mrs. Giancola

Question 1: Summer is a time for driving with the windows down and singing your favourite songs as the top of your lungs. What are your favourite summer jams?

The best summer driving tunes are made up of a mixture of various genres – Majorca, Don’t Stop Belivin’, and Party in the USA – Mrs. Pinto

I love driving to “Life is a Highway” by Tom Cochrane – Mrs. Marconi

“Just Can’t Get Enough” by Depeche Mode, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” by Meatloaf – Ms. Kiss

My all-time favourite summer song to jam to is Omi’s “Cheerleader.” This feel-good song always makes me feel like I’m in the Caribbean somewhere, and it’s so catchy! – Ms. Santos

“I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston gets me every time and “What I Got” by Sublime– Mrs. Giancola

Favourite summer jam: Miranda – Vamos a la playa – Mr. Lo Monaco

Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff& The Fresh Prince (a.k.a Will Smith) – Mr. Bellusci

My kids and I love to sing to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” and “I Want to Break Free”. I admit that both of these songs are outside of my vocal range, but I can’t help it, I just HAVE to sing along when I play these songs in my car. All I can do is try my best to match Freddie Mercury’s incredible vocal performance on both of these fun classics! – Mr. Engson

Anything with a good sing-along vibe. Usually something with an acoustic guitar, or if the summer vibe is really strong – maybe something with a little Spanish flavour. – Mr. Raposo

Question 2: As our students prepare to enter their new lives post-St. Michael, what message or advice would you offer our graduates?

In the wise words of Miss. Frizzle, “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!” But also learn from your mistakes and have no regrets. There is always a lesson to be learned from the curve balls thrown at us. – Ms. Santos

In the words of one of the most influential employers I have ever worked for: “Never do tomorrow what you can do today.” He was my first boss, and I never forgot those words because they have literally changed my life. Stop procrastinating! In the real world, you simply can’t! 😊 – Mr. Lo Monaco

Remember to believe in your own ability to be great. You are intelligent, you are critical and you are resilient; so let yourself be all these things. – Mrs. Giancola

Marks don’t matter- Get involved – Mr. Bellusci

Take risks and get involved. Make yourself uncomfortable and challenge yourself more than you have before because these next four years, will be the last four years you’ll get a chance to do so. When you fall down, get back up – Mr. Raposo

This year, my daughter, Stefania, graduates and is heading to university in the fall. I am so excited for all my students as they start on a new path.  May your futures be blessed with many opportunities, rich with experiences, and may you all be guided in your faith to be kind and compassionate adults in society.  Wishing you all amazing adventures ahead!! Best Wishes, Mrs Di Bratto AKA Mom👩🎓👨‍🎓

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Teacher Confessions: Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday Edition

By: Mr. Lo Monaco

It’s a new year and brand new Lenten season is about to begin! We are fortunate this year to see the intersection of two important dates in our calendar year. As we consider all of the relationships we cherish in our lives on the internationally celebrated day of love, we must also pause and reflect upon the importance of this same day as the opening of our journey towards Easter, where we as Catholics, choose to abstain from something we love in order to honour the memory of Jesus, who spent 40 days fasting in the desert, because of his love. The paradox of this day will be a great challenge for many of us, but also an excellent way of reflecting upon ourselves and deciding who we want to strive to be. Here are some things we love, and some things we will give up… because of our love.

Question 1:

Name 5 people, places, or things you absolutely LOVE or ADORE, in no particular order.

I 💛:






  • Ms. Wosik



my kids

reading a great book on the beach

a good steak

the cottage


  • Ms. Kiss


Five People/Places/Things that I adore/love, I guess in no particular order—

Obviously my family FIRST.


  • Mr. Dragonetti


5 Things I love:




My family

My students

  • Mr. Lo Monaco


Question 2:

During Lent, in preparation for Easter, many Christians fast and give up certain luxuries in order to honour the memory of Jesus Christ, who went into the desert and fasted for 40 days.

What will you be giving up for Lent this year?

I will definitely give up complaining and listening to negative people. Peace.

  • Mr. Dragonetti


I will give up Sugar and Wheat… I actually haven’t had any since the beginning of January, but let’s keep it going!

  • Mr. Lo Monaco


I will be giving up reality TV.

  • Ms. Pinto


Teacher Confessions: The Merry Edition

By: Ms. Giancola

As the Santa Claus Parade ends and December 1st rolls around, the halls of St Michael become decidedly merrier. Science classrooms slowly morph into gingerbread houses, assignment deadlines get extended, students request christmas music to played while completing CPTs and, if we are very lucky, it snows – A LOT.

Question 1: What is your Christmas guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is eggnog and all kinds of chocolate. – Mrs Marconi

My Christmas guilty pleasure is watching the entire Harry Potter movie series. – Mrs Pinto

I eat an obscene amount of chocolate! – Mrs Vincent

My Christmas guilty pleasure or obsession has been watching the cheesy B Christmas movies on the W or Bravo station. – Mrs Della Mea

From early November, there is a deluge of made-for-TV Christmas movies about love, family and the Christmas spirit that play on a few channels (like the W Network lol).  I watch all of them.  And I enjoy them.  They are hokey, poorly acted, with often ridiculous “plotlines”, but they make me feel warm and fuzzy  – just like Christmas is supposed to.  Learning I shared this guilty pleasure with other staff was a great surprise. – Ms. Nahirniak

My Christmas guilty pleasure is indulging in Christmas cookies while watching White Christmas – it’s my favourite Christmas movie! – Ms Santos

My Christmas guilty pleasure is chocolate. I eat ALL of the chocolate… ALL of it. I can’t get enough. If you know me well, you will fill my stockings with lots and lots of chocolate! And then you will meet me in the gym in January. – Mr Lo Monaco

My Christmas guilty pleasure is eating everything in sight. I am a little bit of a health nut. Not crazy-like but a borderline health nut. So, during any holiday I muck it up like I haven’t eaten food in months. The reason I do this is because I train so hard during the year that I tell myself I deserve it, even though I will definitely regret it weeks later. Soooooo worth it :)) Merry Christmas! Mr Gallo

Taking joy in wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. – Mr Bellusci

My Christmas guilty pleasure is eating too many cookies. – Mrs Zarpellon

Big breakfasts and leftovers from Christmas dinner…. #thefood – Mrs Kiss

Questions 2: Urban Dictionary defines “fail” as “a Glorious lack of success“; what was your greatest or most embarrassing Christmas fail?

Christmas fail: One Christmas, after a year of obsessing over ‘health and wellness’, I decided to do some baking for various parties. With my newfound knowledge, I decided to alter some recipes – use brown sugar instead of white, use less butter, use liquid sugar like stevia and agave syrup (oh ya, I was going all-out). What came out of the oven was hilarious. My biscotti looked like a cat had vomited on my baking tray, my gingerbread men looked like flat blobs that vaguely resembled people and the shortbread…well, let’s not even call it shortbread if there’s no butter. Yes I wasted a lot of money on that baking but the laughter my family and I still get out of it today is priceless. Christmas fail? I think not lol. – Ms Wosik

Last Christmas, I decided to make cute mason jars filled with various cookies for my neighbours. I spent three days baking cookies and arranging them in the jars. At the last minute, I decided to throw some chocolate mints into the jars and then I sealed them up and delivered them. The next day, I realized I made one jar too many so we cracked open the jar and began eating the cookies – which ALL tasted like mint! The mint chocolates tainted the flavor of all the different cookies and they tasted like MINT! – Mrs. Giancola


tress house.JPGPhoto by: Jackson Corzato


Teacher Confessions: Halloween Edition

By: Mr. Lo Monaco

It’s not clear when it begins or where it comes from. You first notice it when your stomach turns into a black hole, draining the calm you felt previously and leaving you with a prickly void that feels nothing like the butterflies they tried to euphemize this with your whole life. The chill they said you’d feel running down your back feels more like the polar express. The ice they said you’d feel in your veins is so cold you can’t move… you can’t even think about moving. This is a fear like you’ve never felt before.


When was the last time you felt truly afraid?

“The last time I was truly afraid was when I went to Nightmares in Niagara. Haunted Houses and myself just don’t work. And I even have a picture if you like. The picture does justice to my fear. I was so scared during that entire walk through. Especially when they took my hat off and put it on 3 minutes later. I am not a fan of the dark ☹”

  • Mr. Gallo


“I was petrified to the core when I had to watch the newer version of Amityville Horror… I literally had to sleep with the lights on for two nights.”

  • Mrs. Della Mea


“When I was in Italy this past summer, there were mountain fires that lasted almost 2 weeks with no rain in site. Where I was staying was in the valley and the flames came within a 20 minute car drive from where we were. Everything was covered in ashes.”

  • Ms. Battaglini


“I am terrified of small, enclosed spaces, and this makes me a claustrophobic. I was once in a hotel where the elevators were extremely small. My husband and I were waiting for this elevator to arrive and so were 10 other people. The elevator arrived and my husband and I got on and so did all 10 other guests……OMG I let out a scream and pushed my way out of the elevator. My heart was racing, my face felt hot and I was having a panic attack! I got back on the elevator when the elevator lobby was clear of guests……LOL!!!!!”

  • Mrs. Mazza-Di Bratto


“I was driving along the I-75 outside of Naples, Florida going toward Miami in the heart of the everglades. In an instant, the skies opened up and I’ve never seen rain like it. It came down so bad, that the car was beginning to hydroplane along the highway with no guardrails on either side. The swamp was only a few feet away with signs indicating do not stop or feed the alligators or panthers. I could not feel the road anymore as the car swerved side to side, until I slowed down almost to a stop. Needless to say, it was over in 5 minutes that felt like an hour. One wrong move, and we were dinner for the crocs!!!”

  • Mr. Dragonetti


“The last time I felt truly afraid was at my nephew’s fifth birthday party two weeks ago at Reptilia. The presenter was showing a variety of different critters and allowing guests of the party to pet them. As the last critter came out of the box, the little children waved their hands in the air to get the presenter’s attention. They wanted to pet the tarantula that he was holding. I, on the other hand, ran for the door in fear that the spider would jump out of his hands and into my lap. I won’t be going back there in the future!”

–      Mrs. Zarpellon


“When Ieraci said he’d be our team manager…”

–      Mrs. Kiss


“The last time I was truly afraid happened while I was on maternity leave. I was staring into my high-tech video monitor watching my beautiful baby sleep and every few minutes I would see a round orb streak across the screen. This quickly became a nightly occurrence which fuelled a mild ghost obsession. Allegedly, the orbs were caused by water particles from the humidifier, but I’m not convinced.”

–     Mrs. Giancola


“One morning a few weeks ago, I woke up to my wife screaming! I couldn’t understand what she was saying and she wouldn’t stop. With my heart racing, I jumped out of bed and smashed into the wall on my way to the washroom to see what happened. There she was, trying desperately to shut off the water in the shower… but it was broken and it wouldn’t stop. I smirked and said, “I got this,” and went downstairs to shut off the main water valve in the basement. I turned the knob. Nothing. This one was broken too. We called the city and they came to shut off the curbside valve outside. Nothing. This was broken too. I couldn’t believe my bad luck! It took them 6 hours to shut it off finally. So what’s so scary, you might ask? The water bill…!”

  –     Mr. Lo Monaco


“The last time I felt TRULY afraid was on the first day of school.  I walked into my workroom to organize my desk and sitting beside me was … MR. LO MONACO!!!!!!!! I swear on some days his head turns 360 degrees!  Soooooo creepy.”

–     Ms. Gazzellone


Teacher Confessions: Back to School

By: Mrs. Giancola

The trill of the alarm clock snaps you out of your slumber. Its depth, which had been skillfully trained during the weeks preceding the end of the school year, would from now on resemble a kiddie pool. Your eyes, sticky in the corners, slowly open and you scroll through Instagram, Facebook and the late night text messages you missed. September 5th. Day One. It’s go time.    

What is your LEAST favourite part of starting the new school year?

“My least favourite part of starting the new school year is learning all of my students’ names.” – Mrs. Della Mea

“The sleepless night before it starts.” – Ms. Battaglini

“Regrettably, the least favourite part for me at the start of the new school year is remembering all the new names. Takes me way too long but I’m trying to improve…lol “– Mr. Rightmyer

“I think for me, the worst part about starting a new school year is returning to school and realizing that a whole graduating class of students will not be there.  Students who spent 4 years learning and growing at our school are now officially starting a new journey somewhere without us.  Happy / Sad moment.” – Mr. Raposo

“Conditioning my bladder – it’s a difficult adjustment to the classroom, where we’re having to regulate when we can and can’t go.  Everything else is a cinch.” – Mr. Bellusci

“The least favourite part of starting a new school year, that I have to say is that the cold weather is approaching and less day light.” – Mr. Dragonetti

“Learning new names!!!”– Mrs. Kiss

“Getting used to waking up early again.” – Ms. Vincent

“My least favourite part of starting a new school year is having to learn all these new names! It’s not the learning of names that I don’t like, but rather, the embarrassment I feel when I can’t remember a student’s name or when I mix students up. “ Mr. Lo Monaco

Share a moment you experienced this summer that taught you something you didn’t know before.

“Every experience with my 3 young children taught me that even at 40+ years old I can remain young.”  – Mr. Bellusci

“The highway system in Italy” – Ms.

“While sailing I learned how to finally tie some proper knots and help to anchor an ocean going vessel“– Mr. Raposo

“Something that I learned this summer is that the less I respond to negative people, the more peaceful my life has become.”– Mr. Dragonetti

“The most memorable was when my son was able to jump out of the tub, run around my house, and poo in 5 different places around the house in one running incident. It was astronomical!…To be honest I was very proud of him.” – Mr. Gallo

“This summer I went camping for only the second time EVER. We went to Algonquin Park, and this was my first time there. I learned that I am a very patient individual unless I am hungry. So pack snacks, and have breakfast next time.” – Mr. Lo Monaco

“I learned that when you have two children, going out with only one child is like having no children at all.” – Mrs. Giancola