Spring – MAY 2017

Natasha D’Alessandro 

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Red – DECEMBER 2016

No Two Flakes                                                                                                                                          Natasha D’Alessandro                                                                                                                                     

The gloomy overcast ensures a contemporary haze to dust the yellowing, unearthly greens. The shrivelled crunch of obsolete plant life embodies a notable spot beneath dense, winter boots and above frozen, solidified earth. Frost thickly coats the crisp air with a mischievous winter breeze, signifying the downfall of the crystallizing wc0f8f8a3dec568b83344c7a5a62a9c53.jpghite. Each particle twirls and twists delicately from the grey, somber atmosphere; every unique design ever-so beautifully inscribed. Despite their dazzling originality, each flake seems to lust for a similar pattern as the rest. Yet, no pair of flakes are identical, regardless of how ideally alike they appear. Every hexagonical chunk is entitled to a unique pattern; much like the alignment of humans. Humans, similar to the soft, pure substance, may seem exceptionally alike, but appearances are a mask for the actuality of reality. We are all individual and obtain our own, unique patterns and encodings. Some chunks determine to dance from the sky in groups; whilst others fall independently. What matters most lies correspondent to the end of each and every elongated journey. That is, that we all land amongst each other in a world of repetition and adaptations of one another. And yet, through the blandness and conformities of those around us, it is our individuality that is key to enable us of twinkling through the gaping bleak. Alike to snowflakes, we are each an archetype of our own uniqueness. It is our responsibility to enable our individualized, distinct qualities to diverge with the population of the world. Visualize the allure of a single snowflake in a crowd of carbon copies.