Top Four Movie Soundtracks Of All Time

Isabella Fusco

Movies are a thing I love. Whether it be amazing plot twists, extremely well through out characters or even just a good old laugh, I can always find myself emerged in a film. But the one thing I truly love about films is soundtracks. Movie soundtracks are oddly enough my favourite type of music. You can find so many different emotions within a movie soundtrack that I find other genres of music cannot give to you. So here below, are my top four movie soundtracks.

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  1. The Godfather
  2. Guardians Of The Galaxy
  3. The Graduate
  4. Almost Famous


Raptors Finish Of Play Of Season With A Roar

By Hannah Thomas

It’s been a long fifteen years since the City of Toronto watched the Raptors make it to the second round of the NBA Eastern Conference. In fact, it’s been an even longer twenty-one years since they even made it to the Conference finals.

The season had plenty of ups-and-downs for the Raptors, but the city was with them every step of the way. The team began the series facing the Indiana Pacers, who they won four out of seven games against, advancing them to the second round. The Raptors closed the first round with an 89-84 win.

The second round featured the Raptors against the Miami Heat, which kept fans on the edge of their seats as it also went to seven games. However, this round was tougher for the team when they lost 7-foot centre Jonas Valanciunas to a sprained ankle during Game 3. The 24 year-old averages eighteen points a game, and his height benefits the team when it comes to the boards. The team stayed strong despite the minor setback and pushed the round into a well-deserved Game 7, where they dominated with a 116-89 match. Notable mentions include Kyle Lowry with thirty-five points and DeMar DeRozan with twenty-eight.
The story sadly ended during the third round against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Only making it to Game 6 with two wins under their belts, the Raptors were no match for the Cavs. Their incredible hard-work and perseverance did not go unnoticed, and Toronto thanked the team for an exciting season. With everything that happened during the 2016 playoffs, it’s guaranteed that the Raptors will come back bigger and stronger and prepared to give us a lot to look forward to.

The Bautista Blowout

By Megan Weise

On May 16th 2016 during the Toronto’s series finale, the Blue Jays’ own Jose Bautista was clocked in the face by Texas Rangers’ Rougned Odor after Bautista slid to second base, right in Odor’s direction. This was followed by a bench-clearing; teammates from both the Texas Rangers and the Toronto Blue Jays running onto the field. As for the aftermath, both Odor and Bautista were given suspensions for their involvement in the fight.

There was already some tension between the two teams, the Texas Rangers being the same team that played against the Blue Jays when Bautista did the famous ‘Bat Flip’, which could have played a role in the event that happened. Odor was not Bautista’s biggest fan, that’s for sure.

The brawl was not the only proof of tension during the game. Bautista believes that Odor attempted to hit him in the face when he had thrown the ball to second base earlier in the game- and it’s not the first time he’s done it, either.

“I’ve been playing baseball for a long time,” Bautista commented. “I know exactly what he was trying to do when he threw the ball. He tried a hundred percent to hit me in the face. And it’s not the first time he’s done it against me or some of my teammates. And there’s video to prove that.”

Bautista suspended for one game and Odor suspended for seven, the drama finally seems to be over- for now. The brawl might have made the tension worse, or maybe things have calmed down. No one knows, until someone else gets clocked in the face.


The Best Christmas Movie to Get into the Holiday Spirit

By Emma Sandri

Christmas is right around the corner, and everyone knows what that means: lights on houses, mittens, perfectly wrapped presents, chocolate, and Christmas movies! Whether it Miracle on 34th Street or Elf, Christmas movies are the perfect way to bring people together and get into the holiday spirit. But with so many different movies out there, how can someone pick the right movie, one that really sells what Christmas is all about?

Well, as a self-described and un-award winning film buff, I have definitely learned over my 16 short years on this earth what it is that makes the perfect movie. I’m talking about really in-depth stuff like plot, characters, camera work, and other people’s movie reviews. So in my expert opinion I believe that the best Christmas movie out there this holiday is: Die Hard.

A classic movie starring the one and only action hero that matters -Bruce Willis- Die Hard tells the feel good story of John McClane, a New York City police officer who takes on a group of highly organized criminals and (spoiler alert) wins. What’s more heart-warming than that? Especially when you consider the 4 other movies that Bruce Willis starred in under the Die Hard name.

Now, for those of you doubt-filled people out there who, at this very moment, would probably like to reach through your screens and grab and shake me for defiling the good name of Home Alone (and other such Christmas classics), I say to you: here me out.

Although like other Christmas movies Die Hard doesn’t have snow, presents, or grown men dressed as elves (*cough, cough*) on its poster, it still is a Christmas movie. In fact, the whole reason that John leaves NYC and even gets stuck fighting 12 terrorists is because he wants to be with his family on, wait for it, Christmas. However, when his wife’s office holiday party gets hijacked by a group of criminals, what’s a guy to do but fight for freedom (and his wife) by taking on each man through a hail of gunfire, explosions, and the FBI. Similarly, like all other Christmas movies, Die Hard accomplishes that feel good, heart-warming effect by teaching its characters, and thereby its audience, about the important aspects of life such as family, faith, and giving.

John McClane cares so much about is wife and family that he is willing to risk his very life (and the lives of others) by going up against a group of 12 terrorists in order to save lives. In fact, even when (spoiler) at the end of the movie, John’s wife Holly is captured by the aforementioned terrorists, he manages to save the day, her life, and Christmas itself by revealing the weapon he has taped to his back with Christmas-tree adorned gift wrapping tape.

Furthermore, like other such Christmas classics as “A Christmas Story,” Die Hard really does express the importance of giving. However, in this case, John nearly gives his own life to help others at Christmas. This is shown by his serious need of medical attention at the end of the movie, particularly on his feet, which are extremely damaged after he walks barefoot over glass to stop the terrorists from exacting their evil plan. This level of giving is unprecedented in the Christmas movies, which tells its audiences and characters that giving is really about realizing that Christmas is a time for being thankful for what you have, not for what you don’t (which you should). But how many of these Christmas movie heroes would give their time, energy, and feet like John did (I’m looking at you Grinch, how big did your heart actually grow)?

Lastly, the way in which John survives against all odds- escaping a rooftop fire by bunging jumping onto a lower floor, through a window, using a fire house- really shows that miracles do exist and happen for everyday people. Which is why Die Hard is the perfect movie to get into the holiday spirit, and is and forever will be, my favourite Christmas movie.

Still don’t believe me? Check out Empire Magazine’s 30 Best Christmas Movies; Die Hard is number one on the list!


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