I think we all agree that school can get stressful. From homework, to extracurricular activities, to EXAMS, we all need a well deserved break every so often. So, whether you  watch the game, or catch the latest film, below are critiques and opinions to help guide you to the entertainment of your choice.

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” ~ Walt Disney

2018 World Cup Preview

By: Mario Russo 

In the world of sports, the most exciting time of the year is playoff season. As Canadians, the tournament that gets our attention most is hockey, whereas for Americans, their focus tends to be on the baseball and football playoffs. But what do we all have in common? It’s easy! We all cheer and come together for one sport tournament every four years: the World Cup.

The World Cup is near the top of the list for most popular tournaments, as you don’t need to be a soccer fan to enjoy it. This upcoming summer will showcase the finest soccer clubs on the globe competing for the top spot in the world. So far, this tournament has already had its share of upsets and surprises.

Some of this year’s surprises include the country of Panama, who have punched their ticket into the country’s first ever World Cup appearance. Like Panama, Iceland too will be competing in their first ever World Cup, and with setting a record for smallest country to ever qualify, the team is going in with confidence.

On the other hand, some upsets of this World Cup include the recently dominant club of Holland; the team went from shocking the world in the last tournament in Brazil (making it all the way to the semi-final) to not even qualifying for Russia. Closer to home, our neighboring county, the United States, surprised everyone as the team failed to qualify, after playing in each World Cup since 1990. The biggest disappointment however, has been passed on to Italy, as one of the most dominant clubs in all of soccer history failed to pass the qualifying round.

It will be fun to see how these underdogs matchup against some of the world’s top teams. Without a doubt, this year’s World Cup will be like no other, and with so many surprising teams in, there is no guaranteeing who will walk away with gold.

Did Avengers: Infinity War Live Up to the Hype?

By: Veronica Venditti

The movie killed at the box office and with critics, but was it worth the buzz?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War. Read at your own risk!

A budget of $300,000,000 (Katz, 2018). An opening weekend worth $630 million worldwide (Wilkinson, 2018). A profit of $1 billion in just 11 days (Pallotta, 2018). It’s no question Avengers: Infinity War came out with a bang, but did the movie itself live up to its record-shattering reputation?

In four words: not in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) junkie, and there were some amazing scenes. However, it simply does not do the preceding movies the justice they deserve.

1) Not Enough Screen Time for Important Characters

When Captain America only gets 5 minutes of screen time in an Avengers flick, you know you have a problem. While I appreciated the diversity and the amazing team-ups, I did feel like I was missing some of my favourite characters.

2) Missing Characters

It turns out, I was missing some characters! Ant Man and Hawkeye (an Avenger himself) were both completely absent. Favourites from Thor: Ragnarok were also missing (namely Valkyrie and Korg), leaving some pretty substantial plot holes (they should have been on the Asgardian ship at the very beginning) and a potential lack of even more comic relief.

3) An Un-Compelling Villain

I know a lot of fans will disagree with me here, but, I did not think Thanos was the villain Marvel was praising him to be. His motivations were questionable, and his plan was downright dumb (how is killing half the universe’s population going to do anything if the ability to repopulate is still available?). And why now? Infinity Stones have been in play since Captain America: The First Avenger (approximately 1945), so why does Thanos choose now to strike? Overall, Thanos is confusing and just…boring. He is poorly developed; the action scenes really take away the chance to explain a little more about their “big bad”. Thanos has nothing on Loki, that is for sure!

4) The Ending

Why? Just why? Aside from a few teary goodbyes (you all know what I’m thinking of-“I don’t want to go, Mr. Stark”), it did absolutely nothing to further the plot. We all know there is no chance Marvel would ever kill off Spider-Man (his movie franchise is just beginning and he has been widely received as “the best Spider-Man yet”) or Black Panther (a record-breaker itself, with high praise for its impact). We know these are the new faces of the MCU, while all the characters with expiring contracts are still alive. The ending simply did not have the impact it should have; instead of leaving me an emotional wreck, I was angry about its sheer stupidity.

Maybe I’ve become too picky since watching Black Panther (a truly remarkable film), or I am overanalyzing the movie. Whatever the case, it is important to remember that there were some excellent aspects of Avengers: Infinity War. The plotlines were beautifully balanced, and the way the different groups of heroes came together didn’t seem forced in any way (I cheered every time a new hero came on screen). The superhero team ups were fun, and the mixing of personalities was interesting (specifically the power struggles between Thor/Star-Lord and Iron Man/Dr. Strange).

The overall feel of the movie was stellar; the typical humour and Marvel style was present, but you could feel the higher stakes and darker vibe. With a little re-working (a different ending and more character development in Thanos), Avengers: Infinity War has the potential to be worthy of its status.

My Rating: 6.5/10

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The Future

By: Mario Russo

Three bases and a plate; a hat and a glove; a ball and a bat. America’s pastime. If you haven’t guessed it, this is the game of baseball. A game where 30 teams play almost 162 games straight, competing for one trophy! Some teams make the game look easy, while others find failure in their attempts. The Toronto Blue Jays, however, look to make the game seem simple, and have a better season than last year.

How will they do it? Well, a lot of offseason moves would help. After seeing themselves in the bottom of the standings all year, the Jays went back to the drawing board and started to rebuild their roster, acquiring four players in hopes of impacting the upcoming season. After losing their franchise star Jose Bautista, the Blue Birds found themselves having to fill a big hole in the outfield. The team wasted no time acquiring veteran outfielder Curtis Granderson and Randal Grichuk. Later, the Jays signed power hitter Yangervis Solarte to replace Bautista’s power at the dish. To put the cherry on top, the team signed pitcher Jamie Garcia, adding another strong arm to their arsenal.

With their star shortstop out until May with an injury, the organization has turned to their young talent to see if they could fill the hole. Young shortstop Bo Bichette is just what the team is looking for, as the kid has been tearing it up in both the minors and spring training. Another kid who looks to crack the roster is 3rd basemen Vladimir Gurrero Jr who, along with Bichette, has torn up his spring training. These young talents have all Jays fans going crazy, as the two kids look more than ready to compete in the Bigs. Even the players themselves think the kids belong in the show!

So the big question is, how will the team do in 2018? With the two powerhouses in Boston and New York both competing for the 1st spot, the Jays only hope to make the playoffs through the wild card. I predict the squad finishing 3rd in their division, along with battling for the wild card spots. With all the young talent this organization has, the team’s only concern should be the future, and how this young talent can turn a team from ordinary to extraordinary.


Fly Eagles, Fly

By: Mario Russo

Super Bowl Sunday: the day when after 6:00pm, roads are empty and houses are filled, as friends and family come together to watch the biggest sporting event of the year! This year’s Super Bowl brought a matchup like no other, as the two best teams in the NFL faced off. Star quarterback Tom Brady looked to win his 6th Super Bowl in his career, and break the record for most Super Bowls ever won. Likewise, Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback, Nick Foles, looked to rise to the occasion, and bring the Eagles’ first ever championship home.

The Eagles didn’t take long to make their mark, as kicker Jake Elliot put three points up on the board after a field goal on the team’s first drive. The game continued, and by the end of the first half, the Eagles saw themselves edging the Patriots by a score of 22-12. After a flawless halftime show by Justin Timberlake, the 3rd quarter was underway, and just less than three minutes in, the Patriots scored a touchdown, cutting the lead to three points. The game continued, and Philadelphia saw themselves going into the fourth and final quarter with a score of 29-26. Just fifty one seconds in the fourth quarter, Philly kicked another field goal, extending their lead to 6 points.

A frustrated Tom Brady took matters into his own hands, and threw a touchdown to tight end Rob Gronkowski, to cut the lead to one. With the clock running down, and the Patriots climbing back, the Eagles knew they had to extend their lead; with just two minutes and twenty one seconds to play, history was made! Quarterback Nick Foles threw eleven yards to tight end Zach Ertz for a running touchdown, giving the Eagles their second five-point lead, later extending to an eight-point lead after a field goal. With the final seconds running down, Tom Brady desperately sent his team downfield for a Hail Mary. The Eagles’ defense knocked the ball down, and won Super Bowl 51!

After a crazy journey, including bouncing back from a bad season, seeing their star quarterback get injured before playoffs, and making it to the finals, the Philadelphia Eagles have won their first ever Super Bowl championship!

Famous and Iconic Movie Couples

By: Megan Weise

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, romantic films are finding their way into television networks to fit the theme of love, dominating the entertainment industry during the month of February. With every romance film comes an established love story- some more well known than others. The following list pays tribute to the most iconic and famous movie couples in romantic films, from to Romeo and Juliet to Jack and Rose.

  • Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet


  • “Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.”

These teen lovers are one of the most iconic couples ever known. The famous Shakespearian play is said to be based on a true story about two lovers in Venice, Italy, who both died for each other in 1303. Romeo and Juliet are from feuding families, The Montagues and the Capulets, but that did not stop their unconditional love for each other, as they secretly marry behind their families’ backs. After a snowball effect of misunderstandings and misconceptions, the happy relationship ends with the dark suicides of the lovers. Despite having a sad ending, their undeniable love for each other is internationally acknowledged, with their relationship being a synonym for love itself.

  • Jack and Rose, Titanic


  • “Promise me you’ll survive. That you won’t give up, no matter what happens. No matter how hopeless.”

Unlike Romeo and Juliet, the love story of Jack and Rose is fictional, and not based on a true story. However, this doesn’t make the sad ending any less impacting to anyone who watches the film. The movie takes place aboard the luxurious Titanic, where Rose DeWitt Bukater, a seventeen-year-old aristocrat, falls in love with Jack Dawson, a drifter and artist. The two are inseparable until the Titanic sinks, leaving them to freeze in the cold waters of the night, where Jack sadly freezes to death, leaving Rose alone until she is rescued. Titanic is one of the most well-known and classic romance films to this day, being the fifth highest-grossing film of all time in the US and Canada, with an estimated 135,551,900 admissions.

  • Bella and Edward/Jacob, Twilight


  • “The sound of your heart- it is the most significant sound in my world.”

The movie’s based on a series of novels written by Stephenie Meyer. The book series has sold over 116 million copies and has been translated into more than 38 different languages, reaching and connecting with people from all over the world. High school student Bella Swan finds herself in a love triangle when she moves to Washington state, as she meets mysterious Edward Cullen who is soon revealed as a vampire. As they develop their relationship, Bella falls into a dangerous love with the immortal creature, until Jacob Black, a werewolf shape-shifter, comes into the mix, leaving Bella torn between the two men and forcing her to eventually choose between the two. Fans of the novel and movie series constantly dispute and debate which team is better- Team Edward or Team Jacob. Nonetheless, the love triangle and love stories within the series definitely have a large fan base.

  • Allie and Noah, The Notebook


  • “The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; That makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever.”

As one of the most well-known romance films of all time, the love story within The Notebook undoubtedly deserves a spot on this list. The movie made a total profit of $119 million, and left fans in tears at the ending of the film. When Noah and Allie meet at the carnival, they fall desperately in love, at the disapproval of Allie’s rich parents. The two are soon separated by differences, and alternate future plans, and Allie becomes involved with another man. However, when Noah finally returns to the town years later, the two realize their love for each other never left.


Photo By: Jackson Corzato


Everyday is Christmas by: Sia

Album Review by: Danielle Tucci

          To kick off the Christmas season, pop artist Sia released a new Christmas album titled Everyday is Christmas. The album features 10 brand new original songs written and sung by Sia.

Overall, this album is very good; the fun upbeat songs, together with the softer ballads, definitely showcase the Christmas spirit, and are enjoyable for all ages! The songs all have a certain level of musical maturity to them, meaning there are many different layers of defined beats; they don’t just follow the same beat throughout the whole song. Each song is different from the next. No two songs sound the same, and that’s pretty amazing. Usually, when an artist releases a Christmas album, they make their version of classic Christmas carols, in addition to maybe one or two original songs.

My favourite songs on this album would have to be “Candy Cane Lane”, “HO HO HO” and “Everyday is Christmas”. “Candy Cane Lane” and “HO HO HO” showcase more of an upbeat and fun rhythm, whereas “Everyday is Christmas” is more of a mellow song. All the songs on this album showcase Sia’s exquisite taste in music as an artist, and this album is definitely a job well done!

I would definitely recommend this album to all of my friends. It’s a fun, and highly energetic album, good for all ages. The next time you think of Sia, think of her new album Everyday is Christmas!

Toronto FC: The Redemption Game

By: Mario Russo

On December 10th 2016, Toronto soccer fans witnessed a huge upset as their team’s marvelous season came to an end; the squad lost 5-4 to the Seattle Sounders on penalty shots in the MLS Cup final. Not only did the loss upset fans, but so did the game, where the team dominated, generating 19 shots and 55% possession. Toronto FC was full of anger and wanted revenge on the Seattle Sounders, as they were hungry to get what they deserve. 12 months later, their time had come: “The Redemption Game”.

With an outstanding regular season for the Reds, finishing first in the league with a record-breaking 69 points, the team eased its way into the playoffs. After beating the New York Red Bulls and the Columbus Crew, the team cruised into the final and was ready to put the Seattle Sounders up to the test. The day had finally come and Toronto’s goal was to be dominant and structured right out of the gate. Well, the team did just that, dominating the first half with 64% possession, while generating 12 shots! TFC looked strong during the first half, as they played well-structured defense that only allowed one shot against. The team created good ball movement and generated great scoring chances at the other end of the pitch. With Seattle’s sloppy defense, the only thing pulling them together was their goalie, making marvelous saves on grade A scoring chances.

As the second half rolled around, Toronto wanted to keep pushing and finish off the Seattle Sounders. At the 67th minute, the team was rewarded for its dominant play: Jozy Altidore found the back of the net, putting the team up 1-0. Seattle created a late push, as their season was on the line, but their hopes of becoming champions were crushed by Victor Vazquez as at the 94th minute, he beat goalie Stefan Frei to seal the MLS Cup for Toronto FC!

Not only did this win affect the Toronto community, but communities all over Canada, including our school. St. Michael’s is filled with Toronto FC fans, and this win has brought joy into their lives, as they got to experience the team’s first MLS Cup win, and hopefully more to come. What this win does is not only unite fans, but everyone, together as they are truly “all for one”. After an incredible journey, Toronto FC finally got what they deserved and brought the MLS Cup north of the border for the first time ever.

Roaring Thunder

By: Mario Russo

What skills must a team have to be successful? First, a team should have a starting point and a final destination. Like any journey, there is a map that contains a variety of ways to reach the goal, and in between these points are many stages that one must pass to achieve what he or she wants. A hockey team definitely follows these rules, as a squad must go through many stages to become truly successful. For the St. Michael Thunder hockey team, competing is a must, anything less would be a disappointment.

After racking up the trophies over the past seven years, the boys look to continue their success and ultimately bring another first place trophy home. I interviewed head coach of the varsity hockey team, Mr. Rightmyer. As the coach of the hockey team, Mr. Rightmyer now holds the map of his team’s journey, and has been leading them down the right path through winning seven championships in the years past. I asked the coach about his thoughts of this year’s squad, “I think we look really good on paper” he said. “I don’t think our team is playing to their fullest potential, which is very frustrating as a coach to see” he added.

Since the team has been so dominant over the years, I asked Mr. Rightmyer about the secret to the team’s success, and what makes them so dangerous. The head coach told me that he generates a lot of speed from his defenders as they jump into the rush, which helps out a tone with the offense, and ultimately leads to the team generating scoring chances. Adding to my question, I asked the coach what he likes to see on the ice, “I like to see competition …I like to see guys battle and play to their fullest potential.” Ending off the interview, I asked Mr. Rightmyer what his biggest goal for the season was, “Our goal is to make OFSSA, the Ontario championship, and ultimately win the title.” For all you Thunder fans, you can watch the boys compete on Tuesdays at 12:00 or 2:00 at the Powerade Center.

As the season goes on, the St. Michael Thunder hockey team looks to keep improving and gaining more success. There is no telling where the team will go, and no map will predict it, but the boys’ journey is underway. And so, with dedication, pride and a little luck, the squad will soon reach their final destination, and make that trophy case a little heavier.

Let’s Go Thunder!!!


Top 5 Horror Movie Must-Sees!

By Megan Weise

With Halloween right around the corner, horror movie after horror movie and thriller after thriller are being played on the television to get the community hyped for Halloween. For my fellow horror fans out there, this is one of our favourite holidays of the year! In the spirit of Halloween, I’ve interviewed some students at St. Mike’s and asked them what their favourite horror movies are. Based on the results, I put together a list of The Top 5 Horror and Thriller Movies for you to binge-watch on Halloween night.


The Babadook (2014)     

The Babadook takes the common childhood fear of ‘monsters in the closet’ and ‘monsters under the bed’ and turns it into a horrifying thriller. A troubled widow realizes that her son is telling the truth about a monster that has entered their home through the pages of a children’s book.

The Conjuring (2013)

One of the most well- known horror movies of all time, The Conjuring easily takes a spot on this list as a horror fan-favourite. The film follows paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren after being summoned to a secluded farmhouse, where there have been reports of horrifying events taking place. The film is also based on true events, which makes it even more spine-chilling as a must-see for all horror fans.

Get Out (2017)

The most recent movie to be released on this list, Get Out (2017) quickly found its way at the #1 spot on the top 100 horror movies list by Rotten Tomatoes. Chris and his girlfriend Rose spend a few days at her parents’ house, only to slowly discover that her family is not what they seem- and their overly accommodating attitude may have an ulterior motive. The film is about more than just entertainment, but requires a good amount of thinking, curiosity and questioning to get to the bottom of everything.

The Silence of the Lambs (1995)

The oldest movie on the list, The Silence of the Lambs was released in 1995 and is recognized as one of the best horror/thriller movies of all time! Clarice Starling, a top FBI student, believes Dr. Hannibal Lecter (a violent psychopath serving life behind bars for acts of murder and cannibalism) may have some insight into an ongoing case, and begins to interview and analyze him to find answers. Although the movie is older than the rest, it is still recognized as a classic and a must-see. Definitely a film to add to this list, and to your Netflix list while we’re at it.

Don’t Breathe (2016)

Putting a new twist on the stereotypical horror movie plot, Don’t Breathe follows the horrifying events resulting in three teens breaking into a blind veteran’s home in hopes of quickly taking his money and leaving. But things do not go as planned as the teenagers quickly become trapped in a house with a man who is anything but helpless and harmless. If you are looking for a new kind of horror movie that doesn’t follow the common horror plot, Don’t Breathe is the movie for you.


Hopefully, this list gives you an idea of some good horrors and thrillers to watch during Halloween, whether these movies are new to you or if you would re-watch them to relive the jump scares and creep factors. A marathon of horror movies may be in order, followed by a short-night’s sleep with the lights left on. Happy Halloween!

Sports at St. Michael’s: Field Hockey and Volleyball

By: Julia Passarelli

            In our school community, two successful and exciting teams include girls’ field hockey and boys’ volleyball. These two teams are teacher-run; Ms. Kiss, Ms. Della Mea and Mr. Lo Monaco coach field hockey, and Ms. Pinto and Ms. De Francesco coach volleyball.

Field hockey is an outdoor sport that relies heavily on teamwork. Currently, the field hockey team is made up of grade 9’s, 10’s and 11’s. Both Mr. Lo Monaco and Ms. Kiss agree that the team has been doing well, as many have just recently learned how to play.

Mr. Lo Monaco proudly states that, “They have qualified for playoffs” and tells students hoping to try out next year to “take the risk”. I spoke to Hannah Cardoza, a player on the field hockey team, about how she felt about this season. Hannah said, “This season, I feel we really grew as a team. We had our ups and our downs but it was our positive attitude that ultimately led us to have some fun and win some games!” It has been a great season for this year’s field hockey team, with great players and coaches working together to achieve their place in the playoffs.

Volleyball is an indoor sport, with both home and away games. The team is currently in the middle of their season, with their sixth game having been played just this past Friday, October, 27. Ms. De Francesco reports that the team has been progressing and gaining confidence and momentum. For those who would like to try out next year, Ms. De Francesco states that they are always looking for those who are motivated to play, willing to try new things, and have a positive attitude. So far the team is doing their best and has been greatly improving over the course of the season. With determined players and coaches, the rest of the season is likely to be great!

Field hockey and volleyball are just two of the many sports teams that our school offers. On behalf of The Storm News, we wish all teams a great season and a thank you to all teachers willing to coach. Best of luck for all upcoming games!

Sports at St. Michael’s

By: Mario Russo

Flag Football

Flag Football: a team made up of 19 extremely athletic and talented girls from all grades that play with heart, respect and class. This season, the team hopes to repeat their previous successes, having made it to two semifinals and even winning the division over the past few years.

I personally went to head Coach Mr. Fielder to talk to him about his thoughts on the 2017 season, “I really look forward to the upcoming season. The girls look really good on the field,” the coach responded. I also asked Mr. Fielder what his goals were for the upcoming season, “I really want to see some growth from the girls throughout the year. I really want them to have fun,” he added. Mr. Fielder continued to share what his biggest goal was for the upcoming season, “My goal is to finish at .500 with an equal record,” he responded.

2017 is going to be a big year for all Thunder teams, but with talent, heart, pride and a little bit of luck, the 2017 girls’ varsity flag football team looks to be at the top of the pack.


As we reach the end of 2017, everything starts to change, from the weather outside to the clothing we wear. The one thing that never changes is the excitement for the upcoming year! As for the 2017 girls’ varsity basketball team, their excitement has come early, as they look forward to compete in their upcoming season, and try to rebuild and retool their squad.

After having an exceptional regular season last year, the team went on to compete in the ROPSSAA tournament, where they took gold and won the championship! As the year went on, more and more girls were leaving the team for a variety of reasons, and the girls’ varsity basketball team was left with many empty spots to fill. Head coach Ms. Indellicato filled the empty spots and rebuilt their team to be as strong and terrifying as it could have ever been.

I asked Ms. Indellicato about her team’s biggest threat this year. The head coach responded by saying, “One of our weapons is player Alex Mcgulk. Her 3- point ability is one of the reasons why our team is so dangerous.” I then asked what her goals were for the upcoming season, “All I want for 2017 is for the girls to learn as much as they can and to grow throughout the season.” The head coach also added that she wants her team to finish at .500 with an equal win/ loss record.

With all that this team has gone through in the past (the loss of players and a small rebuild), the 2017 girls’ varsity basketball team aspires to continue their previous success and aims to be a top contender throughout the season.

Turning Over a New Leaf

By: Mario Russo

On Friday, June 24, 2016, a city was flipped upside down. The moment the words “Auston Matthews” came out of the Toronto Maple Leafs GM Mark Hunter’s mouth, hopes and dreams were brought to not only the organization, but to Leaf fans all over North America. The Toronto media, as always, swamped around the latest news that was, this time, focused on 19-year-old hockey sensation, Auston Matthews. Media outlets asked questions like, “who is this kid?” And “how will he do in a Leafs uniform?” This single question remained unanswered throughout the whole summer of 2016 until opening night.

Toronto at Ottawa – the battle of Ontario taking stage on opening night of the 2016/2017 NHL season. For some players, it was just another year in the National Hockey League. For others, it was the day where all their childhood dreams became a reality. Thousands of Leaf fans attended the game to watch the blue and white battle it out with the Sens with one question on their minds, “what will number 34 do tonight?” Well, eight minutes and twenty one seconds into the first period, the question was answered. At eleven minutes and thirty-nine seconds in the first, hockey sensation Auston Matthews found the back of the net to beat Craig Anderson for his first career NHL goal. The rookie answered all Leaf fans’ question of the night but he wasn’t done yet. All eyes were on number 34 as he found the back of the net two more times to achieve his first career NHL hat trick! The only question left was “Will he make history with four?” So, with the clock winding down in the second period, Auston Matthews scored once again to cap off a four goal NHL debut and make history. Two things happened on that day. One was that history was made thanks to number 34 and, that this is the start of something big!

The 2017 season went by so fast, as this “Known-For-Last-Place” team impressed all hockey fans with their rookies guiding them to their first playoff series in 4 years. Since the team just made it, finishing in 8th in the Eastern conference, they would have to face the Norris Trophy winners, the Washington Capitals. The Leafs then surprised the world again, taking the series to 6 games before losing to the Caps 5-4. But, just like opening night, Leaf fans knew that this team was capable of going somewhere the franchise hasn’t been for 50 years: an NHL Stanley Cup final.

In sports, millions of questions are asked daily from trades to rumors and everything in between. With the Toronto Maple leafs, 2017 was a big year where all sorts of questions were answered and expectations were met. The only question facing them now is “will they repeat it?” And that’s what I’m here to answer. There were many new faces this year in Toronto from young to old; some returning faces and others leaving to go to different places. The biggest addition to the 2017/2018 Toronto Maple Leafs is none other than veteran Patrick Marleau. This not only brings lots of excitement to fans, but also a lot of experience in the dressing room to a club where half the players on the team are under 25. This big signing can affect the upcoming 2018 season dramatically if the veteran lives up to his expectations.

The big question is: “will they repeat last season?” I asked many sources about this very question and the answers I have received were pleasant. A lot of people believe the Leafs will do much better in 2018 and have a shot at breaking the 50-year Stanley Cup drought, one of the biggest in sports history.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to effort, luck and how hard the team wants to win. I personally think the 2017 season has changed all Leaf fans’ perspective on this team and has brought out the joy and passion they have for this club. As a die-hard Leaf fan, I can admit this happened to me and it really gave me a new perspective on this team, as I have learned to never doubt this organization.

I think that this past season had a huge impact in our community. Bolton is full of Leafs fans and I know it. In 2013, when the Leafs had a great season that got them into the playoffs I would go outside every Saturday night and see kids from young to old playing hockey, donning the blue and white. As the following years approached, more and more people stopped believing and caring as the team finished at the bottom of the standings. Then, all of a sudden, 2017 came around and I saw that same image I saw in 2013. The Leafs are special and have a big future ahead of them! This squad has given fans heartbreak and joy but when it all comes down to it, our community truly bleeds blue.

IT: Overrated or Understated?

By: Megan Weise

Based on Stephen King’s bestselling novel, IT is a drama-thriller based around the story of seven young outcasts that must overcome their own personal fears in order to battle the murderous clown known as Pennywise – a shape-shifting, bloodthirsty monster that emerges from the sewer every 27 years.

Since released into theatres on September 8th, 2017, the movie has already made more than $260 million in profit, holding its position as 5th on the list of top 10 movies of 2017. Despite giving the movie an R-rating, MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) hasn’t stopped teens from buying tickets to see the horror. There is no doubt that the preview of the movie’s true contents and horror attracted people’s curiosity and interest, since the trailer gained almost 40 million views on YouTube.

With the movie being a must-see for all horror-thriller fans, the theater was left packed night after night and week after week, not excluding the community of Bolton. Curious to see if the movie made a good impression on the teenage population of the community, I asked around the school of St. Mike’s to see what the students thought of the film.

“I’m used to watching horror movies and not even flinching at the jump scares,” said Victoria Zaccagnini, a grade 11 student who watched IT on the first week of its release, “But this one actually scared me more than I expected it to.”

The majority of the St. Michael community seemed to have positive feedback on the film; however, there are others that have an entirely different perspective on the movie. “The movie just wasn’t the same as the book,” said Caitlyn Cardoso, another grade 11 student, “I guess that’s why people say the book is always better, and they’re right.”

The novel-based horror may not have been intended for viewers under 18, but the large amount of teenagers that bought tickets to the movie only made it more profit at the end. New Line Cinema and Warner Bros., having announced that the sequel to the horror blockbuster will hit theaters September 6th, 2019, are leaving fans waiting for a second part of the terror. Of all the one-star, typical horror movies playing in theatres and on Netflix, the 2017 remake of Stephen King’s IT– and hopefully its upcoming sequel- will not be on that list.