This Spring, we aimed to post a small issue prior to our final one of the 2016 – 2017 season. We had a lot of lovely submissions that really sum up the Spring season of 2017 here at St. Michaels.

This month we received lovely photo’s for the Through The Lens section that feature multiple different kinds of flowers by one of the Storms very own Michael Cipollone and a new contributor Anita Aimola.  One of our amazing creative writers wrote a lovely piece on the Spring season for the Creative Writing section. Melissa Gatti wrote an exquisite piece devoted to the Spread The Net group and everything they have done to contribute to stopping Malaria in African countries. You can check out that article in the School Events section. There is also an article written by one of your own editors, Isabella Fusco about some of the most talked about movie soundtracks featured in the Sports and Entertainment section.

Our final issue, the Summer issue, will be a larger issue showcasing the school of St. Michaels year and the graduating class of 2017.

The Editors of The Storm News 

Isabella Fusco & Emma Sandri