What makes our school community so great is that it is filled and made up of so many interesting, unique and vibrant people. Below you will find our Person of the Month interview, where a member of our team will sit down with an individual who inspires and interests us and the school.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget that way you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou


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Catwalk For the Cure

By: Hannah Thomas

For an upcoming sixth year, students of the St. Michael community have been walking the catwalk in support of cancer research, holding with them the hope of finally finding a cure. I talked to Mrs. Zarpellon who annually organizes Catwalk for the Cure, to see what she has in store for this year’s fashion show.

Q. What do you have planned for this year’s fashion show?

A. So, this year we’re going to be at Universal Event Space which is new for us; we’ve never done it there before. Our theme is called “Tip-Toeing Through the Trends”, so we’re doing different areas of trends, like denim, prints, and accessories. The students will be displaying a variety of different trends that they like in those areas.

Q. How long does the planning process take? When do you start preparing?

A. We pretty much start in September, in terms of picking our theme and setting up a plan for the show. We started our practices and sign-up in January this year, so I would say it’s pretty much a six-month long process. By the time we roll through it all, we usually hold it in February. However, this year’s show is in April, so the whole process has been a little bit longer.

Q. How many people are involved this year?

A. This year we have 112 student models. We have two students who are singing, and we have about 20 staff members, including the principal and the vice principal.

Q. Is there any aspect that is student run? Are any of the other departments involved?

A. It’s pretty much everyone in the school! Hospitality’s involved; they’re going to be taking care of the bake sale, and there are staff members from all different departments that are not only helping to set up the show, but are also involved in the process. All the grade levels are in the show, so there are students from grades 9 through 12. I think it’s good because everybody in the school can have the opportunity to participate.

Q. Where do all the proceeds from the show go?

A. This year, proceeds will be going to the Canadian Cancer Society. In the past, we would only support breast cancer, but because there’s so many people affected by cancer in this school, we thought it would be best to just keep it universal, and do it all for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Q.Lastly, what do you hope every student participating will walk away with at the end of the show?

A. I hope that for every student who’s involved, (most of them are doing it in memory of somebody) realize that this is a very rewarding initiative, and that by them going out and getting involved, hopefully we can raise money to give to the Canadian Cancer Society, who can hopefully one day find a cure.

After months of practice and preparation, the students and staff are nearing the fashion show! For those interested in this fantastic event, the show will be on Thursday, April 5th, 2018, starting at 7:30 pm at Universal Event Space in Vaughn. For $25 per ticket at the door, come out and support the St. Mike’s community as they ‘Tiptoe through the Trends’, and make a difference.

Christmas in the Classroom

By: Hannah Thomas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Mr. Angeles’ physics classroom, but that’s probably not too surprising to the rest of the St. Michael community who pass by it every day on their way to class. His door, as well as part of the walls on either side of it, have been transformed into a colourful gingerbread house that stretches from the floor to the ceiling (you can even see it from the matrix!). I decided to speak with one of his grade 11 students, Caitlyn Cardoso, to hear how her class has been preparing and embracing the holiday season this year.

Q. What has your class done for Christmas this year?

A. We decorated our classroom, and we went Christmas carolling to some of the classes around the school.

Q. How long did it take to decorate your classroom?

A. Well, every day we kind of add something new, because Mr. Angeles said that if we find a decoration or an ornament that we’re not using, or doesn’t work, we can bring it in and he’ll try to use it in some way. So we have three Christmas trees around our class now, which is pretty crazy but really cool. It’s nice seeing all the decorations when you walk in.

Your teacher is well known around the school for his love of Christmas. How does he express this to his students?

A. Every day, when we walk in, there’s Christmas music playing, and it’s pretty loud. Also when we finish a lesson, and we’re doing homework or something, he’ll put on a three-hour Christmas music playlist. But one thing I noticed about him is that he doesn’t really say outright how much he loves Christmas, but instead he shows it, which I think is more important.

Q. Why did the physics classes go carolling?

A. So we started our voice unit, which is basically about vocal waves and how to calculate them, so we went Christmas carolling as part of a lesson. But I honestly think that we went because he just wanted to go carolling because he genuinely likes it.

Q. Compared to past years, do you think you are more excited or in the mood for Christmas this year after having taken Mr. Angeles’ physics class?

A. Honestly, I think I am. He really gets the class in the mood for Christmas, especially when you walk in and the whole room is dark except for all of the Christmas lights and there’s music playing. I think it really came home with me, because my family and I would always put off decorating until the week before, but this year I pushed them to start decorating on December 2nd. I really like it, and it’s nice to have one of your teachers like that as well. The Christmas season is just so magical, I really love it.

I think it’s safe to say that Mr. Angeles’ class is more than ready for Christmas this year.


Beauty, Makeup and Hair! Oh My!

 By: Hannah Thomas

To kick off the Halloween season, I met up with Mrs. Catena-Galea to see how she uses her cosmetic hair and makeup skills to transform the cosmetology classroom into the scariest place in the school!

Q. What are you doing for Halloween in this class?

A. Ok, so for Halloween, my grade 10 class, I’ve taught them how to do scars, scratches, and bullet holes. You know, getting them all excited and ready for Halloween! I’ve taught them how to do all of that organically, so instead of using latex (it’s expensive and not everyone can afford it) I taught them how to do these scars with Knox gelatin, which is what your mom uses when she makes Jell-O. They use it to keep it firm. There’s also other ways of creating scary things without using latex, because actually some people are allergic to it as well. They can do it with other things they have around the kitchen, like Rice Krispies or Cheerios, to make their face look all bumpy, or worms coming out of their mouth, where they take cotton, roll it up and freshly paint it. So that was my grade 10 class.

My grade 11 Barbering Class is using the mannequin heads that have already been shaved and are recycling them into their own made up Halloween characters! They can make them up themselves, or get inspiration from a movie, and then there’s a written component as well. So it’s not just the hands on part, but also the communication aspect, where they get to tell a story about their character, and be creative verbally as well.

Q. How do you think makeup adds to the excitement of Halloween?

A. Well makeup, whether it be Halloween or just everyday makeup, always changes a person. So if you’re an actor or an actress, and let’s say you’re playing a gory part, like a Halloween scene, they can act better because they are dressed the part and are acting the part 100% because now they feel that they are right into that character. Even just regular makeup, it enhances your features, like high cheekbones, there’s makeup that will really show them off. Or if you have beautiful eyes, then certain eye makeup will enhance them. That’s what makeup, whether it’s Halloween or not, does.

Q. What is a popular Halloween makeup style in your class?

A. Well they really like the Halloween part, the effects makeup, they really get into that. Everyone goes on YouTube nowadays and they pretty much know how to do their makeup. Smokey eye is very famous, a lot of people really like that one. Usually casualty makeup, which is effects makeup, or like someone who’s got into a really bad accident, and there’s blood and guts everywhere – they really like all of that stuff.

 Q. What’s the most difficult Halloween style you teach?

A. Not much for me is difficult, because I’ve done it for so long. For the students maybe, is the makeup. A lot of them have never really put makeup on their eyes, so they find eyeliners really difficult because you need a really steady hand. For me, liquid eyeliners are pretty difficult, so I prefer pencil eyeliners. But for the girls, it’s mainly the liquid eyeliner but some of them have a nice steady hand. Liquid eyeliner is the hardest thing to achieve in makeup artistry.

Q. What would you recommend as a quick and easy hair and makeup style for Halloween?

A. Quick and easy… well you could go to the dollar store and buy some fake blood. Then, if you have brown pencils, black pencil, you could draw scars with that, then apply the liquid blood. Or you can make the blood with cornstarch and a little of your mom’s red dye that she uses for baking. If you mix the two together you get your liquid blood. That’s the easiest thing you could do for Halloween.

gor 3

The pictures shown are just some of the mannequin heads that the students have been designing. We’re looking forward to seeing if their Halloween costumes, hair, and makeup are as scary as them!

Meeting our New Chaplain

 By: Hannah Thomas

Following Ms. Cybulko’s retirement after the 2016-2017 school year, the St. Michael community has warmly welcomed our new chaplain, Mrs. Vincent. I met up with her after school one day to ask her a few questions about her story and what she has planned for the students in our community.

H: So how long have you been a chaplain?

V: Since September 1st, so how long is that?

H: This year? So a month?

V: Yeah, *laughs* so twenty-six days. Today is my twenty-sixth day.

H: Oh okay, well I was going to ask where you were working before.

V: Oh I was working before, I was a teacher before, at Cardinal Ambrozic.

H: What made you decide to become a chaplain?

V: That’s a tough question… I always felt a calling to this role in this ministry, to serve a community this way. I did my masters in religious education, and I did it so that I could do this, so that I could serve the school in this way.

H: Were you a religion teacher before?

V: Yeah, I taught religion.

H: So do you have any plans for the students in our school that you could tell me about?

V: I think my general idea is to try and get more people involved[…]We’re here as adults to support you and all of that, but it’s your school, and I think it’s important that, like I don’t think that sometimes students realize that it’s their space, and we’re here to kind of be in this community together. So, I want to get more students involved in faith development, just around the school you know? I think it’s also important to get students more involved in the local community. Building these relationships between our school, St. Mike’s, with you know, continuing to build these relationships with our church and other local organizations that we can support.

H: Do you have any lasting impressions of the students or teachers?

V: Any lasting impressions? *laughs*

H: Yes, did anyone give you a good impression? Something memorable during your first few weeks here?

V: This is a really pretty space I guess, like outside, it’s nice, I feel welcomed, you know? I feel welcomed here. A lot of people have stopped by to say hello, and stuff like that, which is really nice.

H: What are your goals for this school year?

V: My goals for this school year… I think it just goes back to my plan, right? They’re both just to get more people involved.

H: Do you have anything you would say to a student who may be struggling with their faith, or a deeper issue? How would you address something like that?

V: Well I always think that it’s a good idea to pray. I think that prayer is really important, and sometimes it’s really hard to pray […] Sometimes it’s just about having a conversation with God and sometimes it just helps to talk to someone. I think that’s really important.


We’re looking forward to making many of new memories with our new chaplain Mrs. Vincent this year!